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Taylor Shellfish basket of oysters

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A Dozen Oysters You Should Know (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Like wine and cheese, oysters owe much of their flavor to terroir, the specific environment in which they grow—indeed, oysters are the food that tastes most like the sea. Today, there are at least two hundred unique oyster appellations in North America, each producing oysters with a distinct and often dazzling flavor. The Oyster Guide provides a tour of those appellations and a taste of what’s in my book. Get the complete e-book from Amazon or Apple.

Maps & Regions

Maps and RegionsUse the interactive maps to explore the oyster regions and appellations of North America, or look up your favorites using OysterFinder, our A-to-Z index including recent discoveries.

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What Kind of Oyster Eater Are You?

Different oysters suit different occasions and different people. If you haven’t yet been wowed by oysters, you may well have been dallying with the wrong ones. Save yourself time, money, and heartbreak by picking an oyster eater profile, then finding your matches.


New oyster tastings and reviews of oyster bars and festivals