Willapa Bay–Hawk’s Points

Jan 08, 2010

I recently had the chance to eat a few dozen Hawk’s Point oysters from Willapa Bay on the half-shell, and it clarified something for me: Willapa grows the best Pacific oysters in the world. But it also brought up an old mystery: Why is it so hard to find oysters on the half shell from this spectacular place? It’s a very, very famous oyster area, as you can learn here. But it dates to the old era of pre-shucked oysters, and that’s still the main market for Willapa producers, which is a shame. No other Pacific oyster generates such a light, floral, citrusy, briny, damned delicious flavor. Not a hint of bitterness or algae, as you sometimes get with Pacifics. Let’s hope more Willapas soon make it to half-shell service. In the meantime, look for Oysterville Selects, Willapa, Shigoku, or Hawk’s Point–all Willapas by any other name.

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