Blue Pools

Jan 20, 2011

Hama Hama's Blue Pools

Here they are, folks, the most exciting new oyster on the scene in some time. I’ve long rhapsodized about Hama Hama oysters (especially in my book), and I recently mentioned that the Hama Hama gang had some tide-tumbled oysters in the works. These are them, hot off the presses, as it were.

Look at those perfect shells, those sporty stripes. The flavor is the same cucumbery, savory, meaty, guanciale-esque excellence profile you get in regular Hama Hamas.

Right now, these can be ordered directly from Hama Hama. They’ll be hitting oyster bars in the coming weeks/months. And I’ll be giving people sneak previews at events in Chicago, Sarasota, New York, and Boston next week.

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