When oysters and wine are good together, they are very, very good, letting you slip into that glowing envelope of happiness created by great food & wine moments. I recommend only the best of the best.

County_Line_Rose_RJCounty Line Rose

Produced by Eric Sussman of the cult favorite Radio-Coteau, County Line is a crazy steal: One of the best wines in California, totally affordable. This is not just my opinion; Eric Asimov in the New York Times named County Line the best rose in California last year. What’s more, Sussman crafted County Line Rose with oysters in mind. Hog Island Sweetwaters, in particular (being his local oyster; I first met Eric at the Marshall Store, where we were both eating oysters and, coincidentally, drinking his wine), but any sweet Pacific resonates harmoniously with this great wine. Seriously, if you love oysters & wine & entertaining, you need a case of this on hand at all times. No brainer.






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