Olde Salt

Olde Salts are Travis and Ryan Croxton’s take on the famed Chincoteague Salts, grown in the same salty bay. (The Croxtons also produce the Rappahannock River and Stingray oysters.) These carefully farmed, bottom-caged oysters are probably more reliable than Chincoteague Salts, which could come from any number of producers, or from wild stocks, or could be relayed Gulf oysters soaking in the brine for only a couple of weeks. In any case, Olde Salts are very salty. They have a salinity upwards of 30 ppt, versus 15–20 for a true Chesapeake oyster. They taste more like the sea, because more of them is the sea. Thanks to that salinity, they grow fast, reaching three-inch size in just six months—a third the time of the Croxton’s flagship oyster, the Rappahannock River.

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