Buy Oysters

I recommend the following growers for superb oysters and expert shipping.

Hama Hama Oyster Company
Lilliwaup, WA; 360-877-5811

Elegantly frilly Hama Hama oysters in several sizes, crisp Blue Pools and Sea Cows, extra-briny Summerstones, and killer smoked oysters. A family operation since 1922.
Real Oyster Cult
Duxbury, MA
Exquisite selection of the country’s best oysters, changing weekly, curated by oyster farmers Rob Knecht and Sims McCormick. Both the app and website make it super easy to ship oysters directly to your door.
Fishers Island
Fishers Island, NY;  631-788-7899
Famed artisanal oyster from a legendary island off the Connecticut coast, raised by Steve and Sarah Malinowski in hanging lantern nets. The epitome of oceanic. Free shipping within the Northeast.
Island Creek Oyster
Duxbury, MA; 781-934-2028

The gold standard of Eastern oysters. Crisp, firm, and very briny, with that unmistakable lobster-stock finish. Island Creek also ships Wellfleets from the bay’s most esteemed farmer. 

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