New Brunswick


The famous oyster of the Maritimes, a staple among fishermen and loggers forever. In fact, if you want to look like an old-timer, stomp into a pub, the rougher the better, slide a plateful of shucked Caraquets into your pint of beer, and chug it. I guarantee that interesting conversation will ensue. The Caraquet grows wild in Caraquet Bay in northern New Brunswick, where the cold waters and short growing season mean that it takes about four years for a typical oyster to reach a mere 2 to 2.5 inches in size. It’s small, but mature, and has the firm texture and deep cup (for its size) typical of slow-grown oysters. In flavor, the Caraquet flirts with nonexistence: a hint of brine, a tickle of amino acids, and it’s gone.

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