Northern Puget Sound

Penn Cove Select

Penn Cove Selects have something of a stranglehold on the Most Beautiful Oyster competition. Three times in the past several years they have won. The 2006 competition was such a slam-dunk that it was almost embarrassing for the other oysters. One plump Penn Cove Select sat there in its perfect filigreed shell, simply vibrating with class and vitality. It mopped the stage with the other fourteen entrants and received a perfect score from many judges. Beach-cultured in Samish Bay, then hung in the deep waters of Whidbey Island’s Penn Cove to purge, Penn Cove Selects are one of the quintessential Northwest oysters, eternally popular. They always have a nice size—four inches or so—gray-green shells, and the crunchy freshness of a salted cucumber.

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