Massachusetts and RI


Nice, large oysters with full-bodied flavor and unusually deep cups. Grown in Point Judith Pond, an oval bit of loveliness on the Rhode Island coast just around the corner from Narragansett Bay, they come in classy evening attire: white shells with black stripes and trim. The brine is strong, but not quite so overwhelming as a Wellfleet, an Island Creek, or a Damariscotta. What jumps out at you is that full body; the taste fills your mouth with minerals and brothy umami richness. Copper, iron, clay—it’s all there. In fact, the stony, tannic flavors can make some wines taste almost bitter; your best bet is something exceedingly dry and simple, like Muscadet or Chablis, or a martini. Get that right, and you will discover why I love Moonstones’ fine, flinty flavor and long finish.

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