The Ultimate Oyster Experience–Totten Inlet visit

Oct 18, 2010

Wow. Inspired by a trip I wrote about in American Terroir, Jon Rowley and the gang at Taylor Shellfish have cooked up what may be the ultimate oyster experience. Here’s the scoop:

The Walrus and Carpenter Picnic on Taylor Oyster Beds on Totten Inlet 
is where you knowingly go out on the oyster bed in the middle of the 
winter in the dark and cold with lanterns, reidel wine glasses and 
chilled award-winning “oyster wines” for what has to be the ultimate 
oyster eating experience. To add to the drama, we go whatever the 
weather. Guests can open their own oysters right off the beds or have 
them opened by professional shuckers at an oyster bar we have set up 
on the beach. As the tide recedes, the oyster bar gets moved. With 
luck, the experience is seasoned with an icy invigorating gust of wine 
from the bay. The wines are chilled, the oysters right off the bed are 
the perfect temperature. There is a fire higher on the beach if anyone 
needs to warm up. When guests are surfeited, Xinh Dwelley of Xinh’s 
Clam & Oyster House, serves up a bowl of her legendary oyster stew 
before we get back on the bus. Just the right mix of magic and madness.

So far, we have two dates set: Dec 18 and Jan 18. The Oyster Bus will 
depart from Elliott’s Oyster House at 6:30 pm and return about 11:00 
pm. $75 tickets can be purchased thru Brown Paper Tickets
Let me know if you have any questions.
I  hope to greet you at the Oyster Bus.
Jon Rowley

God, I wish I could go! Those beds are thick with Pacific, Virginica, and even Olympia oysters. I hope somebody else sends me a full report.

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3 Responses to The Ultimate Oyster Experience–Totten Inlet visit

  1. Joanna says:

    I wish you did one up here at the Taylor outpost in the north end of the sound. I love eating oysters right out of the water!

  2. Miranda Rensch says:

    Oh, it looks like the event is sold out!! Any chance you’ll add another date? I know two who would love to attend!!! : )


  3. rowan says:

    Call Taylor Shellfish and let them know you’re interested. I’m sure if this one is such a success, there will be more soon!

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