More I Love Blue Sea Oysters

Apr 04, 2013

The direct-ship website I Love Blue Sea has just further cemented its position as the of oysters by doubling its oyster offerings. You can now select from ten different oysters, plus shucked quarts and half-gallons of Pacifics (a much better product for cooking purposes than what’s available to most of us on the east coast), and ordering is a snap on their revamped website. The oysters are generally shipped directly from the grower to you, maintaining peak freshness. It’s a pretty cool system, made cooler by the fact that some of the oysters are hard to find. Wild Belons from Maine! When was the last time you could order those through the mail? Also a nice balance of east and west coasts: Kusshis, Kumamotos, and Shigokus from Washington State, Sewansecotts and Lone Points from Virginia, and Naked Cowboys and Blue Points from Long Island Sound. There are actually 100 seafood offerings on the I Love Blue Sea site, so if you’ve been hankering to throw a $93 geoduck or a $134 jar of caviar into your oyster order, you’ve come to the right place!

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