Alaska’s Kachemak Bay Oysters

Dec 10, 2009

Though I find it hard to believe, the hardworking members of the Kachemak Shellfish Growers Co-op, down at the tip of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, will actually schlep out to their floating oyster nets in the middle of December, land of the midday moon, and haul up oysters and ship them to your door. Crazy! But tasty. These Pacific oysters are more briny than your typical Pacifics, and incredibly clean-flavored, with lots of cucumber and a crisp nori kind of snap to them. Salted honeydew, green tea, and apple candy notes linger on the finish. The sweetness is a response by the oysters to frigid water. The growing area, surrounded by glaciers and state parks and 30-foot tidal flows, sets a new standard for the word pristine.

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