Apalachicola Oysters Fading Fast

Jun 05, 2013

A very good New York Times article with sad news in Apalachicola. Atlanta’s thirst is killing one of the world’s great oysters, as well as a national treasure. (And let’s not forget tupelo honey, which will dry up along with the tupelo trees that line the Apalachicola River basin. If they don’t get inundated, they can’t germinate. No tupelo trees, no tupelo honey. No Van Morrison.) Most people in the Northwest and Northeast have no idea how spectacular an Apalachicola can taste. Here’s me raving about them last year.


Kendall Scoelles, oysterman extraordinaire


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One Response to Apalachicola Oysters Fading Fast

  1. I’m from the Chesapeake Bay, where we are supposed to have some of the finest oysters in world. When I tasted the Apalachicola oysters this spring in Florida, I knew that we don’t have THE BEST. We may have SOME of the best, but we can’t hold a candle to Apalachicola.

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