BBQ Oyster Grill

Oct 18, 2012

As the grilling season flickers toward a close here in northern New England, I wanted to mention a nifty tool that came in handy on multiple occasions over the summer. A few different people have displayed their ingenuity in concocting some unique way to grill oysters (and resolve the age-old problem of keeping them upright while grilling), but the BBQ Oyster Grill is easily the best solution so far. It’s just perfect. You can fit a dozen large oysters on it, and they always stay perfectly still, and then you just serve them on the cool, industrial-chic device. Not just for summer; depending on where you live, grilled oysters may be a year-long indulgence. You can grill unshucked until they pop open, or shuck the top shell, add a pad of butter, and grill until they’re plump and sizzling. Either way, you’ll be a hit.


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