Best Coast Christmas!

Dec 12, 2013

Wow, here’s a nice deal. Two dozen Island Creek Selects, those briny East Coast classics, plus two dozen Hog Island Sweetwaters, the sweetest Pacifics on the West Coast, at your doorstep. Like, tomorrow. All for $89 (that’s basically free overnight shipping). Great to see this coastal titans of the oyster going all bicoastal on us. Could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Order from Hog Island, or Order from Island Creek. But order by 12/27, because after New Year’s, it’s back to monocoastal business as usual.

Best Coast Oyster ad


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2 Responses to Best Coast Christmas!

  1. julia bemis says:

    i am inquiring about the oysters. please the ignorance of my question, but the Christmas deal does not have all maine oysters … correct? also, as i understand that the oysters are tasty (never had one yet) would any of them contain a pearl?? are the oysters sealed when they come in from the water and left sealed until i would recieve them to consume? thank you for your help. much appreciated. Merry Christmas!

  2. rowan says:

    24 California oysters, 24 Massachusetts oysters. No pearls. You have to shuck them yourself. Bon appetit.

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