Devil’s Purse Oyster Stout

Nov 27, 2017

Steve, of Chatham Shellfish, and Stone, of Devil’s Purse Brewery, on the water in Oyster Pond

Devil’s Purse, a great Cape brewery, has been crafting a line of classic oyster stouts, each brewed with a different Cape oyster (taste the subtle flavor differences, if you’re a savant). Check the bottom of the can to see which oyster went into yours. There’s a film coming, made by a guy named Stone (see photo). In the meantime, here’s their press release from last year’s initial batch:


Freshly harvested oysters from Chatham, Mass., are featured in the latest batch of Intertidal Oyster Stout from Devil’s Purse Brewing Company scheduled for release just in time for the holidays.

While oysters may appear to be an odd ingredient to add to beer, Devil’s Purse co-founder and brewer Mike Segerson explained that the addition of this storied shellfish enhances the flavor of this hearty, yet easy drinking, stout recipe.

“When we set out to make this stout we envisioned using oysters in the boil which not only captures the salinity of the oyster liquor but also extracts the calcium from the shell,” said Segerson. “This minerality from the oyster adds a truly unique layer of complexity to the beer.”

The initial batch of Intertidal Oyster Stout was brewed with shellfish from East Dennis Oyster Farm and released this past September with great response from customers visiting the brewery and terrific feedback from local pubs where the beer was pouring on tap.

“With each batch of our Intertidal Oyster Stout we hope to feature shellfish from different growers around Cape Cod and tweak the recipe to compliment the character of the different oysters,” said Segerson.

For the latest version of Intertidal Stout Devil’s Purse approached Stephen Wright, general manager of Chatham Shellfish Company, to secure some oysters.

“As the only commercial oyster farmer in Chatham I was excited when Devil’s Purse asked me for some oysters to use in one of their beers,” said Wright. “This is certainly a fun and unique way to promote Chatham shellfish.”

The latest Intertidal Oyster Stout recipe uses six-dozen Chatham oysters placed in a mesh sack added to the boiling wort. The grain bill consists of Maris Otter, roasted barley and de-husked roasted barley.

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