Dragon Creeks

Oct 06, 2007

A new oyster to look for in the Chesapeake Region is Dragon Creek. Coming from Nomini Creek, up on the Eastern Shore, with a salinity of about 15 ppt, it was the mildest oyster I’d had in some time—a classic Chesapeake style. Dragon Creeks have a nice four-inch size, good plumpness, and pretty, creamy shells. Hand-delivered by the grower, Bruce Wood, they are available only in select Alexandria restaurants, including Hank’s Oyster Bar. Wood is as enthusiastic about the Chesapeake Bay as he is about his oysters, and he works hard to restore water quality, collecting the shells from the restaurants that serve Dragon Creeks and returning them to his waters, where new oyster reefs can begin to replace those that were overharvested centuries ago.

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