Oysters on a Stick

Nov 25, 2013

Here’s how they grow oysters in South Carolina. It makes you very popular at parties when you show up with one of these. The oysters in question are Lady’s Island oysters, grown by Frank Roberts in the pristine ACE Basin of the South Carolina Lowcountry. Dreamy oyster spot: Thousands of acres of marsh, almost no people, with very little freshwater input. The salinities range from 31 to 35. That’s right, SALTIER than the sea. You can imagine what the oyster taste like: explosions of brine and umami, which will have you scrambling for a beer (also not hard to come by in the area). South Carolina is the slumbering behemoth of the oyster world; few people have been paying attention, and only a handful of locals are farming single oysters so far (as opposed to harvesting the wild clusters, as is traditional in the region for oyster roasts), but the Lowcountry has more acres of prime, high-quality habitat than probably anywhere in the country. And Lady’s Island is leading the way. Keep your eyes and palates peeled.

Oysters on a Stick

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