South Puget Sound Oyster Renaissance

Oct 27, 2010

Sensational article by Richard Nalley in Forbes about the amazing oyster-eating scene in South Puget Sound, the bivalve capital of the universe. Lots of great descriptions and tips, as well as the observation, by way of Tom Robbins, that eating an oyster is like french-kissing a mermaid.

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2 Responses to South Puget Sound Oyster Renaissance

  1. Jack Everitt says:

    How do you feel about him using the word merroir instead of terrior in this article?

  2. rowan says:

    Quite a few oyster growers use the term “merroir” (and all claim to have invented it). I like the goofy enthusiasm of it, though getting the American public to wrap their minds around “terroir” is tough enough as it is, without introducing another even more obscure term!

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