Great Interview on Oyster Photo Styling with Adrienne Anderson

Aug 11, 2017

Julie Qiu has posted a spectacular interview with photo-styling guru Adrienne Anderson over at her In a Half Shell blog. Anderson did all the styling for The Essential Oyster and is well known for her enlightened, irreverent approach. The interview is full of great hands-on tips and other tasty nuggets to chew on, such as, “Don’t go coating your oysters with shellac or something just to make them shine. Show some respect to the oyster. Eat it when you’re done. If you’ve done something heinous to the creature just to get an image, it was not worth it.” For more of Anderson’s work, check out The Essential Oyster, but here’s the shot that Anderson mentioned as her favorite: Hama Hama oysters on a plank of Hama Hama cedar. (Photo by David Malosh)

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