Oysters: A Love Story

Aug 20, 2017

Great New York Times piece on oysters by Tejal Rao. Captures the essence of the attraction precisely.

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One Response to Oysters: A Love Story

  1. El Slurpo says:

    Who is Tejal Rao? Does she qualify as a ‘oyster fanatic”? She does write well and passionately about our favorite subject. I feel like the oyster community is rather small, so a new name does generate speculation. Will we see her writing in the future or is this a “one off”, a stepping stone?
    Don’t worry Julie, you’re still the Queen of Oestra info. , still the “fairest of them all”, but there may be a credible challenge emerging. There’s room for everybody at the oyster bar. Slurp on! VORF!

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