The Halfsheller–A Seriously Stylish Oyster Board

Aug 18, 2011

Oyster boards are a tradition from the Canadian Maritimes, where they take their oysters very seriously, that somehow never made inroads in America. Patrick McMurray, the Canadian shucking champion, is famous for using one. Recently, I got to test-drive a stunning oysterboard called The Halfsheller,which is carved from a single piece of maple and designed by Tom Littledeer, a Quebec craftsman known for his brilliantly ergonomic kitchen tools.

The idea of the Halfsheller is to give you a place to nestle your oyster and hold it firm and upright while you shuck. (These oysters were Onsets, from near Buzzard’s Bay, Massachusetts, super salty and strongly sea flavored in August–should be sensational in November.) The different notches along the incline allow pretty much any size of oyster to find its spot.

The moat around the rim catches the juice so you can (A) reuse it in an oyster stew or (B) simply not get it all over your counter, and it also works very well for serving half a dozen oysters on the halfshell.

Tom also points out that it makes a fine serving board for sushi (wasabi on the butte?). All in all, I’d say this is maybe the ultimate gift for the oyster freak in your life. Bottoms up!

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