Island Creeks Win Oyster Invitational Challenge

Apr 21, 2008

On April 7, 2008, at the Westin Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island, twenty all-star virginicas competed for the title of Best Tasting Oyster  in a major blind tasting. Many of my favorites, including Moonstones, Watch Hills, Island Creeks, Pemaquids, Katama Bays, Mystics, and Totten Virginicas, threw their hats in the ring. The judges included such bivalve virtuosos as Peter Hoffman of Savoy and Sandy Ingber of Grand Central Oyster Bar. To me, the Totten Virginicas stood out—they had a fruity umami depth rare in Atlantic oysters—but they came in second, beaten out by Island Creeks, whose crisp, zesty brine was apparent even in April, a tough month for northeast oysters. The next title fight will be a fall event, when some of these coldwater oysters might get to show their sweet sides; until then, Island Creeks are the champs. Congratulations to Skip Bennett, Shore Gregory, and the rest of the Island Creek team on their extraordinary farm.

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