Eataly? Or Deceitaly???

Nov 13, 2010

Swung by Eataly while in New York this week. The place was packed, of course. Gorgeous fish at the seafood counter, along ti htwo types of oysters: Kumamotos and Belons. Belons!?! Really? Well, no, as it turned out. The label said Belon, but these were clearly plain ol’ virginicas. What gives? How could a brand new, famous-dude place, supposedly on top of its game, be badly mislabeling its bivalves? Belons (as some of you know) are very rare, very particular, very sought-after oysters. They don’t taste like anything else. So this was kind of like them taking a jar of lumpfish and labeling it Beluga. Was it deception? Or just incompetence? Either way, the gang at Eataly better get their act together.

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