Quivet Necks from the Oyster Company

Mar 24, 2008

The Oyster Company Raw Bar and Grill
202 Depot Street, Dennisport, MA; 508-398-4600
I have a special place in my heart for restaurants that serve their own oysters. That’s the case with this Cape Cod gem, called “The best oyster bargain in Massachusetts” by the Boston Globe. Owner Gerry Bojanowski keeps the twisting zinc bar piled with his own Quivet Neck oysters, as well as several other local varieties. Grown by Gerry since 1996 in a little nook of Cape Cod Bay surrounded by conservation land, Quivet Necks have a delicious pear-like tang that is highly unusual in a virginica. The fruitiness is most notable in the spring, along with an herbaceous quality. In the fall, the oysters are fuller and saltier.

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