Fun Tasting Journal from Julie Qiu

Aug 10, 2015

Here’s a fun new plaything for the oyster lover who has everything: 33 Oysters on the Half Shell, a pocket-sized tasting journal from Julie Qiu, the powerhouse behind the amazingly thorough and well-designed In a Half Shell site. It’s part of the 33 Books series.


Every page includes spaces to record each oysters region, species, size, texture, flavor, etc., as well as a unique tasting wheel so you can “map” each oyster’s signature.


There’s a brief glossary and even a built-in ruler. Naturally, the ink is made with a few drops of oyster liquor. Like I said, fun!

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One Response to Fun Tasting Journal from Julie Qiu

  1. arthur goldman says:

    I’m glad your blogging on a more regular basis. We miss it when you don’t. I assume you have more time to do so when your new book is finally finished. The Essential Oyster!!
    Julie is amazing! She may know as much about oysters as you do, Rowen!! She takes dreamy oyster pix. An understanding of social networking helps one get full enjoyment from her blog. Unfortunately, I lack those skills.

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