What Happens in Boothbay…

Aug 15, 2015

There were unlimited Glidden Points, and the biggest oyster-themed ice sculpture the world has ever seen, and sushi everywhere, and real Champagne of course, and Sam Calagione on the dance floor (Hey, Sam, let’s make it a multicourse oyster-Dogfish Head pairing next year?), and then Ralph (the Mine Oyster guy) and Smokey (the Pemaquid guy) fought to a draw in the shucking contest, and then the band with the big wigs busted out the Donna Summer and things got a little crazy. That’s how they like to do it at Mine Oyster, and if you missed it this summer, you can catch the three-day fest in October, and if you miss that, start planning your midsummer in the midcoast. Photos by stylist & photog extraordinaire Adrienne Anderson.

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