Glidden Point Woodblock Print

Aug 16, 2015

Morgan Scully is the daughter of Barb Scully of Glidden Point oyster fame. She’s done every aspect of oyster farming, and she’s now a student at Kenyon College studying art and psychology. She’s been interning at Villard Studios in Boothbay Harbor, studying woodblock printing, and she just produced this stunning hand-watercolored block print of one of her Glidden Point oysters. To me, it captured the essence of an American oyster perfectly. Morgan says, “Growing up as Barb’s daughter, with the oyster farm being such a large aspect of my childhood and my family’s identity, it seemed fitting to create an oyster woodblock to carry my knowledge of oysters over into other aspects of my life.” You can buy a print from Morgan ($50 unframed, $75 framed) by emailing her at [email protected]

Glidden Point print

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