Revolutionary Way to Serve Oysters

Oct 31, 2011

My favorite oyster presentation is on a bed of freshly fallen snow. The cups of the oysters nestle into the white fluff and stay upright (and cold). In Vermont, sadly, we can actually pull that off about 11 months per year. For the other month, however, I have a brand new way of serving my oysters, and I love it.

It’s called a Shellfish Griller, and it was originally invented for grilling clams and oysters. The usual problem, see, is that when you place your shellfish on your grill, they tip over and the juice runs out. Not with the Griller, whose triangular openings find a firm holding point for every possible shell configuration.

But forget grilling. Where this great grate really comes into its own is serving oysters on the halfshell. No more awkward plates filled with slushy ice that melts and soaks your oysters. Every oyster, of every size, stays in a perfectly upright position. (If you refrigerate the grate ahead of time, it will also help keep the oysters cold.) Extra points for the funky industrial look. (My wife has even allowed me to hang it on the wall of our kitchen; this is a major personal breakthrough.) There are individual serving grates and big party-platter ones. Bottoms up…

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